What We Offer

Dance Classes


From 2.5 years

KDF academy offers a thorough training in imperial classical ballet. Offering graded and vocational classes through the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD). These ballet classes develop an understanding of ballet, builds safe technique, discipline and allows the students to learn a fantastic expressive art form. Ballet creates the foundation for all other genres.


From Year 1

KDF academy offers a thorough training in modern theatre dance. Offering graded and vocational classes through the Imperial society of teachers of Dance (ISTD) modern consists of a mixture of modern dance forms within a structured dance class that builds strength and technique.


From Reception year

KDF academy offers a thorough training in tap dance. Offering graded and vocational classes through the Imperial society of Teachers of dance (ISTD). Tap is a great asset to have for any dancer and is a rhythmic dance style.


From 2.5 years

One of the most popular dance styles. This is for students that want to learn all forms of street dance from hip hop to break dancing, Kdf cover it all. Street dance has been made famous by groups like diversity and twist and pulse.

Musical Theater Dance Performance

Musical Theatre

From 2.5 Years

This style is what you see on the West End and Broadway. It combines singing acting and dance all together and the class helps produce real triple threat performers.KDF offer performance award exams via the IDTA

Contemporary Dance classes


Over Secondary Age

Contemporary in-bodies ballet, modern, jazz and lyrical. Contemporary allows movements from other genres to be expanded and adapted to not fit the norm. It has grown to be one one of the dominant genres for formally trained dancers


From Year 3

Lyrical is a combination of modern and ballet that use the lyrics of the music to inspire movement. Lyrical had been made famous by programmes such as dance mums.

Stretch and Conditioning

For over secondary school age

KDF academy encourages their students to look after their bodies and this class really helps with flexibility, range of movement and building strength for all other dance styles.

Jazz Technique

From Year 3

This class at KDF works on fundamental steps for any dancer including leaps, turns and kicks.

Preschool Classes

In Ballet, Acro and Musical Theatre

KDF offer early years classes that initiate the learning process within dance and performance through play. The younger students not only learn dance but gain confidence and make new friends also.

Adult Classes

In Ballet / Modern / Jazz Tech / Stretch and Conditioning / Tap/ Contemporary/ Lyrical

Classes are available to both experienced and beginner level dancers.

KDF are proud to have one of the largest adult dance class offerings in Sussex. As you get older life takes over and these classes allow adult students to have some ‘me’ time, keep fit, whilst making new friends and learning/ developing new skills

Private Tuition

In Singing / Lamda / or any dance style noted above

1 to 1 classes are available in Singing and any Dance Styles noted above.

Progressive Ballet Technique

From 10 years

KDF is thrilled to be bringing our dancers Progressing Ballet Technique. PBT is an innovative body-conditioning and strengthening program that is designed to enhance students’ technique by focusing on training the muscle memory. It is unique and uses ballet-technique specific exercises to help strengthen and support dancers training.

Acro Dance

From 2.5 years

Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is defined by its athletic character, its unique choreography, which blends dance and acrobatics, and its use of acrobatics in a dance context


  •  Trinity arts award courses available.ISTD examinations in ballet / modern and tap. Plus IDTA examinations in musical theatre – NB students are only entered if they wish to be and are ready to be entered.
  • Local performance opportunities at Christmas events / charity events / fetes
  • Workshops via zoom and in person with top industry professionals
  • Competitions *key criteria to meet before being submitted please enquire for further information
  • Big venue performance opportunities such as Westend Theatres, Blackpool tower Ballroom and Disneyland Paris
  • Our own bi annual school show at the Capitol theatre Horsham
  • Trinity arts award courses available
Book A Free Trial Today

Book a Free Trial Today

Book a Free Trial Today

Free Trial


How do I book a free trial ?

Simply let us know your details and age group along with what styles of class you would like to trial on our easy to use booking form. Please see link (below). If you are unsure of what classes you want to try, take a look at our classes page or get in touch and we will be happy to help.

After reviewing your free trial booking form a member of the KDF team will then reply with your dates, venues and times for your trial.

What do I need for my trial ?

On trial day simply arrive at the venue and sign in with a member of the KDF team.

We advise if you don’t have dance wear to wear easy to move in clothing and to bring a water bottle with you for class. 

On trial day we do allow parents to watch the class if they wish to. 

A enrolment pack with all our policies, enrolment forms and information will be given to you on your trial day.

How do I enrol after my free trial ?

After your trial you will take away an enrolment pack. If you wish to enrol in classes with us, we ask that you fill out the pack and bring it back with you the following week to your lesson.

A member of the KDF team will be in touch after the trial, please just reply to the email stating what classes you wish to enrol on

How does invoicing and payment work ?

The trial class/ classes on week one are free.

If you enrol in classes a invoice will then be sent for the remainder of the 12 week class

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